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453rd Bomb Group / 453rd Bombardment Group / 453rd BG / 453rd BG Memorial Association
s/n 42-50471  “LIL’ Nemo” 733rd BS
Pilot: Lt. Walter J. Cullen

Co-Pilot - Lt. Jack Dean (NMI)
Navigator - Lt. Robert Barnett (NMI)
Engineer - Sgt. Clifford Rhodes (NMI)
Radio - Sgt. John Sommers (NMI)
Gunner - Sgt.Joseph Shulman (NMI)
Gunner - Sgt. Louis Fournier (NMI)
Gunner - Sgt. Thomas H. Gillespie
Gunner - Sgt. Richard Jablin (NMI)


Lt. Walter J. Cullen Lt. Jack Dean Lt. Robert Barnett Sgt. Clifford Rhodes Sgt. John Sommers
Lt. Richard Marshall Sgt.Joseph Shulman Sgt. Louis Fournier Sgt. Thomas H. Gillespie Sgt. Richard Jablin
Mission Group
Date Target (in Germany unless shown otherwise) Flying time A/c Serial Letter  A/c Name Remarks Hard
- 134 24-Aug Brunswick/Querum, Aero engine plant Unk 42-94990 C KEN O KAY III Formation practice mission – did not fly over enemy territory. 32
1 136 25-Aug La Louvière, Belgium, Chemical works (coke ovens) 5:08 42-95076 N LACE   35
2 137 26-Aug Eindhoven, Netherlands, Airfield W of city 4:25 42-50296 A FORD’S FOLLY Weather prevented attack on primary target. (Emmerich – cracking unit of an oil  refinery)  26
3 138 27-Aug Basdorf, near Berlin, Aero engine plant 5:30 42-52472 K LITTLE NANCY Mission recalled due to weather when 1½ hours from target. Counted as a mission. 30
4 143 10-Sep Ulm, Ordnance depot 8:17 42-52472 K LITTLE NANCY   30
5 144 11-Sep Hannover?Misburg, Oil refinery 6:21 41-29301 G VAMPIN’ VERA   31
6 145 13-Sep Weissenhorn, near Ulm, Fuel storage depot 8:03 42-95076 N LACE   34
- TM #1 17-Sep Clastres, France Unk 42-52472 K LITTLE NANCY Truckin’ operation / Lt Cullen flew as Co-Pilot (Pilot: Capt. Maurice G Armstrong) 30
7 151 28-Sep Kassel, Tiger tank plant 6:34 42-50333 D PARTIAL PAYMENT   Unk
8 152 30-Sep Hamm, Marshalling yards 5:44 42-50471 Q LIL’ NEMO   26
9 154 3-Oct Ludwigshafen/Lachen & Speyerdorf, Airfields 7:05 42-50471 Q LIL’ NEMO    Unk
10 156 6-Oct Hamburg/Glinde, Ordnance depot 6:45 42-50471 Q LIL’ NEMO   26
11 157 7-Oct Kassel/Altenbaune, Aero engine works 6:19 42-50471 Q LIL’ NEMO   26
Trained as an H2X PFF lead crew 
- 194 29-Dec Remagen, Rail & road bridge  1:47 42-51681 D- Name, if any, unknown 734th BS B-24JSH (H2X PFF lead aircraft) / Was scheduled to lead High Right squadron but aborted and landed at Woodbridge, where the hydraulic system and engine trouble was repaired Dec 30, 1944 – Jan 2, 1945.  2
12 199 3-Jan Homburg, Marshalling yards 6:31 42-51681 D- Name, if any, unknown 734th BS B-24JSH (H2X PFF lead aircraft) / Led Low Left squadron of “C” group. Unk
- - 8-Jan Unknown Unk 42-50510 I SHAMROCK 735th BS B-24JSH (H2X PFF lead aircraft) / The emission was abandoned. / Crash-landed between East Wretham and Great Hockham. Unk
In Honor of:
Engineer T/Sgt. Wallace Edward Habenicht and Bombardier Lt. Leo W. Ryan

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