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453rd Bomb Group / 453rd Bombardment Group / 453rd BG / 453rd BG Memorial Association
s/n 41-28615  “Ginnie” 733rd BS
Pilot: Lt. Richard H. Ingram

Co-Pilot: 2nd Lt. Arthur E. White

Navigator: 2nd Lt. Donald C. Lawry

Bombardier: 2nd Lt. Michael A. Boehm

Radio Op.: S/Sgt. Charles F. Ross

Ball Turret.: S/Sgt. James Golbski (NMI)

Top Turret: S/Sgt. Raymond J. Diedrich

Waist Gunner: S/Sgt. McCalvin Robinson Jr. (NMI)

Waist Gunner: S/Sgt. Thomas P. Crumpler

Tail Gunner: S/Sgt. Richard C. Anderson


Lt. Richard Ingram 2nd Lt. Arthur White 2nd Lt. Donald Lawry 2nd Lt. Michael Boehm S/Sgt. Charles Ross
S/Sgt. Richard C. Anderson
S/Sgt. James Golbski S/Sgt. Raymond Diedrich S/Sgt. McCalvin Robinson S/Sgt. Thomas Crumpler S/Sgt. Richard Anderson
In Honor of:
Engineer T/Sgt. Wallace Edward Habenicht and Bombardier Lt. Leo W. Ryan

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