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453rd Bomb Group / 453rd Bombardment Group / 453rd BG / 453rd BG Memorial Association
s/n 42-64460  “Shack Rabbit” 733rd BS
Pilot: 1st Lt. Patrick D. Tobin Jr.

Co-Pilot - 2nd Lt. Ray Gilbreath (NMI)
Navigator - 2nd Lt. David H. Miller
Bombardier - 2nd Lt. Thomas L. Underwood
ROM - S/Sgt. Peter Santora (NMI)
Tail lGunner - S/Sgt. Joseph P. Williams
Ball Turret - S/Sgt. James F. Witmer
Top Turret - T/Sgt. Peter M. Cunniff
Right Waist - S/Sgt. Clair Kreidler (NMI)
Left Waist - S/Sgt. James J. Meyers


Lt. Ray Gilbreath
Lt. Patrick Tobin Jr. Lt. Ray Gilbreath Lt. David Miller Lt. Thomas Underwood S/Sgt. Peter Santora
S/Sgt. Joseph Williams S/Sgt. James Witmer T/Sgt. Peter Cunniff S/Sgt. Clair Kreidler S/Sgt. James Meyers
Mission # Group Mission # Date Target (in Germany unless shown otherwise) Flying time A/c Serial Letter  A/c Name Remarks Hardstand
1 4 11-Feb Hambures, France, V-weapon site 3:51 41-28645 U THE GOLDEN GABOON   Unk
2 7 20-Feb Brunswick, Me 110 parts factory 7:34 41-28629 P BLONDES AWAY   Unk
3 8 21-Feb Achmer, Airfield 5:48 41-29210 -X HEAVENLY BODY   Unk
- 12 3-Mar Oranienburg, Factory & airfield 3:02 42-64460 S SHACK RABBIT Aborted because of problems with propeller governors and turbos. 49
4 14 6-Mar Berlin/Spandau, Marshalling yards Unk 42-64460 S SHACK RABBIT Primary target: Motor manufacturing plant at Berlin/Genshagen. Shot down by enemy fighters near Plantleunne at about 14:50 during the return flight. Four bailed out, Lt Tobin and the remainder were killed when the plane blew up. MACR 2972 49
In Honor of:
Engineer T/Sgt. Wallace Edward Habenicht and Bombardier Lt. Leo W. Ryan

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