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453rd Bomb Group / 453rd Bombardment Group / 453rd BG / 453rd BG Memorial Association
s/n 41-28645 “Golden Gaboon” 733rd BS
Pilot: Lt. August V. Bergman

Co-Pilot - Lt. John B. Durborow
Navigator - Lt. William H. Myre
Bombardier - Lt. Kyle R. Goff
Flight Engineer - Sgt. James B. Dick
Radio Operator - Sgt. Vincent J. Pale
Nose Gunner - S/Sgt. Willis W. Cole
Top Turret - S/Sgt. - Paul W. Cullinan
Ball Turret - S/Sgt. Calvert S. Whitehurst
Tail Gunner - Sgt. Fred L. Fisher Jr.


Lt. August V. Bergman Lt. John B. Durborow Lt. William H. Myre Lt. Kyle R. Goff Sgt. James B. Dick
Sgt. Vincent Pale
Sgt. Vincent J. Pale S/Sgt. Willis W. Cole S/Sgt. - Paul W. Cullinan S/Sgt. Calvert S. Whitehurst Sgt. Fred L. Fisher Jr.
Group Mission # Date Target (in Germany unless shown otherwise) Flying time Aircraft Remarks Hardstand
AAF Serial # Radio call letter Name
8 21-Feb Achmer / (Airfield) 5:45 42-64464 V   Lead high right element in lead section Unk
10 24-Feb Gotha, / (Aircraft assembly plant or repair shops & air park) 6:07 41-28645 U THE GOLDEN GABOON Deputy lead high right element in lead section Unk
12 3-Mar Oranienburg / (Factory & airfield) 4:11 41-28645 U THE GOLDEN GABOON Deputy lead low left element in 2nd section 45
15 8-Mar Berlin/Erkner / (Vereinigte Kugellagerfabriken AG ball bearing factory) 2:56 42-52176 N VALKYRIE Aborted – was not dispatched. Oxygen line in ball and tail turrets out and all heated suits inoperative – went out while in the air. 39
19 16-Mar Friedrichshafen / (Motor factory) 2:30 41-28629 P BLONDES AWAY Aborted. High fuel consumption 47
22 22-Mar Basdorf (Aero engine works) but Berlin bombed Unk 41-28629 P BLONDES AWAY   47
23 23-Mar Handorf (Airfield) but Münster (marshalling yards) bombed 5:30 41-28645  U THE GOLDEN GABOON   45
25 26-Mar Flixecourt, near Domart, France (V-weapon launching site) 3:09 41-28629 P  BLONDES AWAY Aborted. Returned early – lost 2 turbos. 47
26 27-Mar Pau, France (Airfield) 8:55 41-28629 P BLONDES AWAY   47
27 1-Apr Ludwigshafen (Chemical works) but Pforzheim (marshalling yards) bombed Unk 41-28645 U THE GOLDEN GABOON Originally scheduled to be flown by 2/Lt Robert P. CATLIN Jr and his crew but his name is deleted on the formation diagram and instead Lt BERGMAN is named. Despite Lt CATLIN being shown on Form # 8 it is assumed that Lt BERGMAN flew the aircraft.  / Landed at Manston, Kent, emergency airfield on return. 45
28 8-Apr Brunswick (Aircraft engine works) Unk 42-64464 V WAITER'S ONLY KIA. Aircraft shot down near Sistedt, Salzwedel county, Germany 42
In Honor of:
Engineer T/Sgt. Wallace Edward Habenicht and Bombardier Lt. Leo W. Ryan

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