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453rd Bomb Group / 453rd Bombardment Group / 453rd BG / 453rd BG Memorial Association
s/n 42-109896 “Gypsy Queen” 733rd BS
Pilot: Lt. Allan H. Bryson

Co-Pilot: Lt. Edward Watson (NMI)

Navigator: Lt. Sol Greenberg (NMI)

Bombardier: Lt. Albert Gehrt (NMI)

Engineer: Sgt. Maxey Spencer (NMI)

Radio Op.: Sgt. David Mitchnick (NMI)

Nose Gunner: Sgt. Joseph Grunas (NMI)

Waist gunner: Sgt. Clarence Mayronne (NMI)

Waist gunner: Sgt. George Walker (NMI)

Tail Gunner: Robert F. Atkins


Lt. Allan H. Bryson Lt. Edward Watson Lt. Sol Greenberg Lt. Albert Gehrt Sgt. Maxey Spencer
T/Sgt. David Mitchnick Sgt. Joseph Grunas Sgt. Clarence Mayronne Sgt. George Walker Robert F. Atkins
Group Mission # Date Target (in Germany unless shown otherwise) Flying time Aircraft Remarks Hardstand
AAF Serial # Radio call letter Name
- 22-Sep Unknown Unk 42-51361 X+ Name, if any, unknown Practice mission  Unk
148 25-Sep Koblenz,
Marshalling yards
6:31 42-95276 L+ MY BABS   Unk
150 27-Sep Kassel
Henschel & Sohn Tiger tank assembly shops
5:47 42-51087 R+ HOT STUFF / DUCHESS   38
151 28-Sep Kassel
Henschel & Sohn Tiger tank plant, Works 3
6:02 42-95099 Q+ RAG DOLL   Unk
153 2-Oct Hamm,
Marshalling yards
5:19 42-50522 K+ Possibly named
154 3-Oct Ludwigshafen/Lachen & Speyerdorf / Airfields 7:06 42-95099 Q+ RAG DOLL   Unk
155 5-Oct Rheine
Marshalling yards
4:35 41-28949 S+ Un-named   Unk
157 7-Oct Kassel/Altenbaune
Aircraft engine works
6:15 42-51089 V+ STAR EYES   49
159 12-Oct Osnabrück
Marshalling yards
5:16 42-110100 I+ THE SWEDE   48
160 14-Oct Kaiserlautern
Marshalling yards
Unk 42-109896 N+ GYPSY QUEEN   41
163 17-Oct Cologne
Motor transport factory or marshalling yards
Unk 42-109896 N+ GYPSY QUEEN   Unk
170 30-Oct Cuxhaven Unk 42-109896 N+ GYPSY QUEEN Primary target: Hamburg synthetic oil plant and storage depots. Not bombed due to weather. 41
    Oil depot
(target of opportunity)
        Returned bombs  
- 31-Oct Gelsenkirchen
Oil refinery
- 42-109896 N+ GYPSY QUEEN Mission scrubbed 41
172 2-Nov Castrop/Rauxel
Klockner Werke AG & Wintershall AG synthetic oil refinery
Unk 42-51087 R+ HOT STUFF / DUCHESS   37
172 4-Nov Gelsenkirchen
Oil refinery
Unk 42-109896 N+ GYPSY QUEEN   Unk
174 5-Nov Karlsruhe
Marshalling yards
Unk 41-28949 S+ Un-named Primary target: Metz, France, fort and gun emplacements Unk
175 6-Nov Minden
Mittelland canal viaduct
Unk 42-50522 K+ Possibly named   44
177 9-Nov Metz area, France
Ground support
Unk 42-109896 N+ GYPSY QUEEN   Unk
178 10-Nov Hanau/Langendie-bach
Marshalling yards
Unk 42-51114
Name, if any, unknown
No pilots’ names are known but it is probable that Lt. Bryson flew one of the four 733rd BS aircraft shown and which are known to have taken part in the mission  
185 4-Dec Bebra, near Kassel
Marshalling yards
Unk 42-109896 N+ GYPSY QUEEN   41
191 23-Dec Jünkerath
Rail & road junction
5:10 42-50522 K+ Possibly named   Unk
192 24-Dec Mayen
Rail & road junction
6:31 42-109896 N+ GYPSY QUEEN   Unk
194 29-Dec Remagen
Rail & road bridge
 5:46 42-109896 N+ GYPSY QUEEN   42
196 31-Dec Koblenz
Rail & road junction
5:33 42-109896 N+ GYPSY QUEEN   Unk
In Honor of:
Engineer T/Sgt. Wallace Edward Habenicht and Bombardier Lt. Leo W. Ryan

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