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453rd Bomb Group / 453rd Bombardment Group / 453rd BG / 453rd BG Memorial Association
s/n 42-50764  “Linda Lou” 732nd BS
Pilot: Lt. Eugene F. Mills

Co-Pilot: Lt. Francis Jones (NMI)

Navigator: Lt. Lawrence E. Nielson

Bombardier: Lt. Robert Clem (NMI)

Engineer: Sgt. James Donatello (NMI)

Radio Op.: Sgt. Joseph De Cusati (NMI)

Nose Gunner: Sgt. James Dye (NMI)

Waist gunner: Sgt. Stanley Jaznewicz

Top Turret: Sgt. Joseph Champion (NMI)

Tail Gunner: Sgt. Leonard Rodnick (NMI)


Lt. Eugene Mills
Lt. Eugene Mills Lt. Francis Jones Lt. Lawrence Nielson Lt. Robert Clem Sgt. James Donatello
Joseph De Cusati
Sgt. Joseph De Cusati Sgt. James Dye Sgt. Stanley Jaznewicz Sgt. Joseph Champion Sgt. Leonard Rodnick

MissIon # Group
Date Target (in Germany unless shown otherwise) Flying
A/c Serial Letter  A/c Name Remarks Hardstand
1 233 8-Mar Siegen, Marshalling yards 6:00 42-50471 Q LIL’ NEMO   Unk
2 238 15-Mar Zossen, General Staff Hq & Tank training depot.
(but target of last resort - Gardelegen, railroad junction - bombed)
6:54 42-50494 D SQUIRT   Fitted with Blk (RCM) equipment. / Due to extremely heavy haze, no leads picked up the primary target. Unk
3 240 18-Mar Berlin/Tegel, Arms plant 7:22 42-50764 W LINDA LOU   Unk
4 242 20-Mar Hemmingstedt, Oil refinery 5:33 42-50571 S MY ACHIN’ BACK / DIRTY GERTIE   Unk
5 245 22-Mar Giebelstadt, Airfield 7:44 44-50529 U FLAMIN’ MAMIE B-24M Unk
6 248 24-Mar Storemede, Airfield 6:14 42-51096 F- HUSTLIN’ HUSSY 734th Sqn. Aircraft / Group’s second mission on Mar 24. Unk
7 250 30-Mar Wilhelmshaven, Submarine pens & docks 4:44 42-50764 W LINDA LOU Sgt. Joseph DeCusati, Radio Operator, was killed by flak over Wilhelmshaven. Landed at Woodbridge where battle damage (including the hydraulic system) was repaired Mar 31 – Apr 11.  Unk
8? 252 4-Apr Wesendorf, Airfield 8:19 42-95206 J OHIO SILVER According to Form # 2 (Formation Diagram), Lt. Mills flew this aircraft on the mission with a S-27 German-speaking radio man on board but, according to Form # 8, the aircraft was flown by Lt. Sefton and Lt. Mills did not fly on this mission. Unk
9, or 8 255 7-Apr Düneberg, Shell filling depot 6:41 42-51108 O ARROWHEAD   Unk
10 or 9 257 9-Apr Memmingen, Airfield 7:37 42-51108 O ARROWHEAD   Unk
11 or 10 258 10-Apr Rechlin (2 sqns), Luftwaffe experimental base
Wittenberge (1 sqn), Marshalling yards
7:14 42-51108 O ARROWHEAD   Unk
In Honor of:
Engineer T/Sgt. Wallace Edward Habenicht and Bombardier Lt. Leo W. Ryan

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